UniRisk and its affiliated Bermuda insurance company is offering a method with a segregated cell  .

for our clients to insure the HealthCare benefits of its clients


We will establish a Segregated Cell captive, for our clients, within our licensed Bermuda carrier. Our carrier will issue a Contractual Liability policy insuring a specified layer within an overall Health Insurance program.

Our clients will fund the Segregated Cell for the payment of claims paid by the Contractual Liability policy. The funding will be based on analysis of past claims activity and potential future claims activity.

The objective is to provide HealthCare insurance at the most reasonable cost as a benefit for employees. 

Our partner program manager, Bridgeport Benefits, Inc.,  will handle stateside implementation of each clients program. Typical structure of a program. Cost shown will vary depending on the retention of risk and group history.

UniMed Healthcare Segregated Cell Captive checklist of needed information for PEO/Staffing Companies

Employee Benefits Program

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