Segergated Cell is an alternative plan structured to accomplish four (4) major objectives:

  1. To gain for the client the investment income, on premium cash flow and claims reserves, that traditionally is gained by the insurance company.
  2. To structure the plan so that the premiums and the Profit Return are structured in the most tax efficient manner.
  3. To give the client greater involvement in the claims management and adjustment in order to reduce the ultimate cost of risk.
  4. To give the client more direct control over the component parts of the plan resulting in greater flexibility in planning for the future.

How our Segregated Cell Captive


  1. The policy is issued to the insured from an insurance company.
  2. The insured pays the premium to a broker on a mutually agreeable basis.
  3. Operating expenses are deducted from the premium.
  4. The balance of the premium is ceded to the Segregated Cell Captive for immediate investment.
  5. The client earns investment income on the ceded premium.

Individual Insured’s

Those insured’s who want to assume significant retentions through a large deductible or SIR may do so through our Segregated Cell Captive facility in Bermuda.

Primarily the lines of Auto & General Liability and Workers’ Compensation.

  • Policy(s) issued by “A” rated carriers
  • Aggregate reinsurance within the policy
  • Insured’s funds placed in a segregated account protected by Bermuda law
  • Underwriting and investment income accrues to the Insured’s account in a tax free domicile
  • Our Collateral Alternative program can provide Letters of Credit




UniRisk Services

UniRisk provides the following Segregated Cell Captive


  • Segregated Cell Captive programs
  • Deductible Reimbursement Policies
  • Collateral Alternative (Letter of Credit) plans
  • Captive formation and management

Reinsurance placement on a worldwide basis

  • Pure fronting arrangements
  • Broking to Bermuda insurers
  • Funding arrangements
  • Programs for all classes of insurance
  • Direct policies and certificates of insurance