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Universal Risk Intermediaries, Inc. was launched in 1994 as part of Universal Holdings in Bermuda. The firm conducts its Bermuda operations along with its affiliated insurance/reinsurance company, Capitol Security Ltd, through R&Q Quest Management Service Limited (Quest.) One of the leading independent captive and Segregated Cell Captive services companies in Bermuda, Quest has operated there since 1979.

UniRisk provides Segregated Cell Captive programs, deductible reimbursement policies, collateral alternative plans, captive formation and management, international reinsurance placement, pure fronting arrangements, broking to Bermuda insurers, funding arrangements, programs for all classes of insurance, direct policies and certificates, new product lines and consulting, and accounting, financial and banking services.

About UniRisk

Program Insurance

UniRisk provides consulting expertise to the brokerage community and functions as the exclusive intermediary facilitating Alternative Risk Transfer ("ART") solutions for Capital Security, Ltd (“CSL”).


“When a client seeks to capture the underwriting profits and investment income, normally gained by the insurer, we can provide such a program in the most tax efficient manner.”

Steven C. Nordstrom

We are insurance financial developers

Clients come to us with their entities insurance dollars and we develop, implement, and manage a financial plan for them to have their own underwriting & investment income producing faculty.

Financial developer
We know the markets
We know the insurance markets

We are committed to build  a  innovative and profitable program for your book of business.

Understanding Markets and Progams
We know what works and how

“We believe our prompt and candid responses, to those acting on behalf of their clients, makes us a go-to for structuring and implementing a successful program.”

–      Steve Nordstrom




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